Director of Learning & Development | Specializing in Leadership Development & Culture
Cell 646 246 1380
Twitter: @ElizParkCoop

My Purpose

I am committed to delivering a phenomenal experience and consider this in all interactions with my business partners and our customers. I accomplish this through a focus on engaging and energizing communication, an unwavering commitment to being a present and active listener, and an enthusiastic brand ambassador. I work, daily, to support and deliver a solutions-driven culture that is ruthlessly aligned with the organizations vision and values and that embraces honesty, integrity, respect, openness, kindness, agility, adaptability, involvement, diversity, and inclusion to drive results that consistently exceed all organizational goals and objectives – as well as the career goals and objectives of my team members & business partners.  Working to drive employee engagement and workplace happiness through building a culture that retains and recognizes it’s top performers and attracts top talent. Through this, our team and our organization can deliver sustainable growth.