Director of Learning & Development | Specializing in Leadership Development & Culture
Cell 646 246 1380
Twitter: @ElizParkCoop

My Purpose

I am committed to delivering a phenomenal experience and consider this in all interactions with my business partners and our customers. I accomplish this through a focus on engaging and energizing communication, an unwavering commitment to being a present and active listener, and through being a passionately curious and creative leader.. I work, daily, to support and deliver a solutions-driven culture that is ruthlessly aligned with the organizations vision and values and that embraces honesty, integrity, respect, openness, kindness, agility, adaptability, involvement, diversity, and inclusion to drive results that consistently exceed all organizational goals and objectives – as well as the career goals and objectives of my team members & business partners.  Working to drive employee engagement and workplace happiness through building a culture and delivering Learning & Development solutions that are experiential, social, fun, collaborative, intuitive, and relevant.

Learning & Development Experience | Summary

My Four Requirements For Effective LMS:
Collaborative Technology Tools
Administrative Monitoring: Measuring Use & Progress
Ease Of Use
Cross-Platform Operations [computers, mobile device, Facebook, Google, Microsoft Live]

Focuses Of Effective L&D:
Align communication and information with business strategy
Communicate meaning & purpose of initiative(s) as it relates to the strategy
Connect company values to initiative(s)
Elevate the talent & competencies of the learner [both skills knowledge and processes/policies]
Measure Results [Skills Tracking, Career Tracking, Metric/Business Lever Tracking]
Solicit feedback & adapt program

Elements Of A Successful Learning Program For Today's Learner Profile:
Concise & Captivating
Adaptable & Accessible
Collaborative & Collective
Relatable & Relevant
Simple, Intuitive, & Well-Designed

LMS Program Considerations:
Organizational Chart
Employee|Learner Profile
Risks & Challenges
     Technical Components
     Delays to Infrastructure
     Ability|Inability to integrate existing information
Communication Plan
     Time Zones
    Method of Communication|Culture Consideration
Developing standardized training that is culturally specific to unique geographic locations

Specific L&D & Platform Experience:
Creation of web modules
Game design
Assessment & Analytics
    Front End Analysis
    Project Evaluation
    Project Analysis
CommLab [micro-learning platform]

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